Company logo

Stila design developed the logo and corporate-style for Abacaxi. The corporate-style of Abacaxi radiates the vision of her three labels.

Tailor-made company training
Tailor-made HR solutions

Every label
has its own colour.

blok-bedrijf.gifCommunication is essential
regardless of how large or small the organization is.  Blue represents the colour of communication and the colour of a spiritual realm. The colour blue is, therefore, quite suitable for the label 'tailor-made company training'.

blok-bedrijf.gifOrange is a warm, strong colour which
can be associated with wisdom, warmth and protection. Furthermore, it can be seen as a safe and nourishing colour. Orange is, therefore, an outstanding example of (a) colour that blends easily with the label 'coaching'.

blok-bedrijf.gifThe vibrant brown earth hues symbolizes movement and vitality and is therefore perfect for colouring the label 'Tailor-made HR solutions'.