About Abacaxi

Abacaxi company training and coaching focuses on solutions: how can you deliberately change your environment which you have unconsciously created. Abacaxi helps you to develop your talents and to communicate better. Where are your strong points and what motivates you? Abacaxi is tailor made to meet your personal needs! All our trainers are internationally certified in NLP. http://www.nlppunt.nl/

Abacaxi (pronounce abakatchi) is the word people use in Brazil for Pineapple. This fruit is a boxer’s favorite before a match as pineapple has healing properties, i.e. heals bruises and wounds. The pineapple also helps with sore throats, muscle repair and is good for the brain. Eating fresh pineapple helps with the preparation of an important match and supports high performance at work. Ditto for Abacaxi company training and coaching. They are optimal at helping you to perform at your best when it matters the most.